As the world plunges deeper into chaos daily , there is no heart that does not wish to do good for his/her fellow human.

TTLF provides this platform to assist wherever and whenever , locally and globally , firmly believing that every person can and will make a difference. With many years of being on the ground at the right time we strive to do the best we can..

Projects completed in 2015

  • April – facilitation and packing of 2 containers of new clothing and shipped to Syria .
  • Ramadhaan – orphans feeding programme in gazientap – turkey
  • Ramadhaan annual dates distribution – 6500kgs were distributed across Southern Africa.
  • November – clothing sent to war torn Yemen
  • Nov/dec – 1000 blankets sent to Syria
  • Nov /dec – Syria flour project – partnered with Jamiat
  • Dec – TTLF and CAP – bread for Syria project – monthly bread for refugees for 2016 – approx 20 tons of flour per month .

Ml mooaa with syrian orphans and refugees: